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We teach the basics of Appalachian cooking in an unforgettable way! We make sure each class is seasoned with fun, history, and a bit of folklore. 

We offer live demonstration classes where you get to watch, learn, and then eat! Sit back and relax as we prepare an authentic Appalachian inspired meal. You will get to take home some great memories along with recipes to try in your own kitchen.

Our homestyle kitchen is well equipped to create an atmosphere of learning. Our instructors incorporate culinary techniques to make cooking easy and less stressful. Our main ingredient is fun!


Watch, learn and then eat! In our Demonstration (Demo) Cooking Classes, guests will watch and be entertained as a classic Appalachian meal is prepared. Guests will hear some vibrant history and tales of Appalachian life and cuisine.

$59.99 / person


Cook and eat an authentic Appalachian meal! Our Hands-On Cooking Classes are interactive and fun! Guests will measure, chop, and cook a meal together with one of our chefs. Afterward, they will sit down to enjoy the meal they prepared.


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Your Teacher

Stephanie Foley grew up in the Appalachian region of Kentucky. She was raised on a dairy farm and spent her summers working on the farm growing a garden, freezing and canning food, making hominy and lye soap, curing meat and making cobblers, pies, cakes, and savory dishes in the kitchen.

She loves planning and preparing meals and preserving her Appalachian heritage. Her grandmother Irene was her mentor and inspired her love for cooking.

When Stephanie was a young girl, she would sit on a barstool in the kitchen watching as her grandmother prepared many delicious homemade meals. Learning and working alongside her grandmother, her mother, father, aunts and uncles, Stephanie brings culinary techniques and recipes she learned first-hand to the Smoky Mountain School of Cooking.

Stephanie grew up in time when families gathered together on a regular basis for meals and conversations. She still holds to the belief that Sunday dinner with family is forever sacred, and a lot of problems can be resolved around the dinner table with family and friends.

Stephanie is a graduate of Midway University in Midway Kentucky holding a bachelor’s degree in arts with an emphasis in education. Stephanie is married to Shawn Foley, co-founder of Smoky Mountain School of Cooking. Together they have two grown daughters, Sarah Perkins and Katie Smith (husband Elliot Smith).

Shawn and Stephanie Foley, co-founders of Smoky Mountain School of Cooking

Shawn and Stephanie Foley.



In our Demonstration Cooking Classes, an instructor will prepare the meal while you sit back, relax, listen and learn. Then, you will get to eat the meal that is prepared.

If you are in our Hands-On Cooking Classes, you will be working with the instructor and fellow students in the kitchen as you learn the basic techniques for preparing the items related to your class. You will measure, chop, and cook the food with other students. Then, you will enjoy the prepared meal together.

Whether you are new to the kitchen or have years of experience, there is a class for you.

Most classes run between 2 – 2 ½ hours.

If a particular class will be shorter or longer, that information will be noted in the class posting and sign up.

Signing up is easy! Just click the link below to go to our list of great classes!

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Online class registration payments can be made with any credit card or bank card.  If registering on-site, we can also take cash. However, we recommend registration in advance to reserve your spot, as seating for each class is limited.

Classes may be canceled 48 hours prior to the date and time of class.  Please email or call us with your cancellation request no later than 48 hours from the time of the class as we purchase and plan according to the specific head count on our rosters.  No call/no-shows will not be eligible for refunds, transfer of class, or credit for a future class.

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